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Attention is paid also to regionalization, which covers the proper techniques of space delimitation into regions.As spatial interrelationships are key to this synoptic science, maps are a key tool.Geography is a systematic study of the Earth and its features.Traditionally, geography has been associated with cartography and place names.Although other subdisciplines of geography rely on maps for presenting their analyses, the actual making of maps is abstract enough to be regarded separately.Cartography has grown from a collection of drafting techniques into an actual science.

The interdisciplinary nature of the geographical approach depends on an attentiveness to the relationship between physical and human phenomena and its spatial patterns.Geomatics is concerned with the application of computers to the traditional spatial techniques used in cartography and topography.Geomatics emerged from the quantitative revolution in geography in the mid-1950s.Regional geography is concerned with the description of the unique characteristics of a particular region such as it natural or human elements.The main aim is to understand, or define the uniqueness, or character of a particular region that consists of natural as well as human elements.

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