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For those interested in learning more, you may want to check out these personal finance resources. If you are bad at numbers, what specifically makes you believe that? I have a tendency to try to do everything myself and in some ways it is good and in many ways it is bad.

It is important to know and understand all aspects of your life and business but that does not mean having to do all the tasks involved in maximizing your potential in those areas.

If you do have a mentor, do you have one for the different aspects of your life (financial, health, professional, personal, spiritual, relationships, parenting etc.)?

While mentors serve as a guide with whom you review your past actions and plan your next steps, a support group are your companions that help you with during the actual execution of your plan.

For those that do figure out their passion, most of them don’t follow their passion consistently.

This is one of the main reasons why people don’t reach their goals.

What surprises me is how rarely people engage in mentoring relationships and those who do usually find mentors in only one aspect of their lives.

Reading numerous biographies on great people and from my own personal observations and encounters, I’ve realized that those who achieve greatness professional and personally follow their passion.

The reason why great people are few and far in-between is because most people don’t even know what their passion is.

If you do the same thing as everyone else, it’s hard to be successful.

It is important to find the edge and then push past it.

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