Active directory sharepoint user validating

We’ve grouped the new features into three broad categories: Below are highlights from each feature category we’ve previewed at Ignite.

We recently announced device-based conditional access support for mac OS, and now we’re introducing new application-based conditional access capabilities.

It’s the third day of Ignite and it’s been awesome getting to meet so many of you in person, especially when we have so much news to share!

For more information about hybrid environments, see Overview of Office 365 hybrid cloud solutions.

You can also use the Azure AD advisors: Azure AD Connect advisor, the AD FS deployment advisor, the Azure RMS Deployment Wizard, and the Azure AD Premium setup guidance for customized setup guidance.

If you want to update from Azure Active Directory Sync to Azure AD Connect, see the upgrade instructions.

See a solution architecture built for Office 365 Directory Synchronization (Dir Sync) in Microsoft Azure.

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