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D.1104 C Conzett, James .1864 Dickson, James H ...1074 Cook, Edmund .1238 Dimock, Warren ...1222 Cabalka, Joseph .1355 Coons, 0. Thence they proceeded to Nash- ville, Tennessee, where our subject was incapac- itated by illness, resulting primarily from a wound received at Corinth, and he was sent to the marine hospital at Evansville, Indiana, where he received his honorable discharge in .\ugust, 1862.

D ...1851 Conway, Daniel J .1484 Dickinson, Stanley B., M. Their next engagement was at New Madrid, and at Tipton the command succeeded in surrounding the en- emy during the night and captured thirteen hun- dred prisoners.

In 1861 he bade adieu to home and fatherland and set forth to seek his fortunes in America, landing in New York and thence coming westward to Davenport, Iowa, where he was engaged in the work of his trade for the ensuing four weeks, at the expiration of which, on the 23d of June, 1861, in response to President Lincoln's first call, he gave significant evidence of his loyalty to the country of his re- cent adoption, by enlisting in Company E, Sec- ond Iowa Volunteer Cavalry, commanded by Colonel Elliott. Louis and there they remained in Benton Barracks about four weeks, when they started for the front, having an engagement with the enemy near Paducah, at the mouth of the Ohio river.

...1826 Campbell, James T Campbell, Malcolm C 1999 ...1267 .1365 Black Hills .1123 Dott, Robert T., M. Had he thus disposed of his exemption priv- ilege he would have been required to serve six years in the army.

.\bt having personally witnessed the hanging of thirty-three men of this type.

975 to life and property, and it became necessary for the better class of citizens to take drastic measures for protection, resulting in the organ- ization of the vigilantes, of which Mr. It is unnecessary to enter into de- tails in regard to the action justly taken by these bands of law-abiding citizens, who had recourse to severe means of dealing with the offenders, for all is a part of the written history of the lo- cality and period, but it may be said that through their efforts many desperate characters were brought to expiate for their many crimes, Mr.

From Qieyenne, Wyoming, he came through bv team to the Hills, in company with a part\- of other men, and they had little trouble with the Indians while enroute, reaching their destination in Deadwood, in March. Dunlop engaged in placer minine for the Whitewood Flume Company, about five miles below Deadwood, a portion of the time working for himself, and he was suc- cessful in his efforts in both directions.

Dwight, Theodore W 1824 Dwyer, James H 1380 E Eakin, Charles L 1569 Earl, Duncan 1155 Eastman, David 1353 Easton, Carroll F 1344 Egeland, William 1204 Elder. In 1877 he came to the Black Hills, being numbered among the venturesome spirits who braved the dangers incidental to making the trip to this section, then isolated from civilization bv many leagues of plains, infested bv the warlike and implacable Indians whose originally was the domain.

In 1857 they came to America and after passing a short period of time in the state of New York came west to Iowa, locating in Scott county, where Mr. D ...1083 S.1141 .1692 Cleland, Peter C .1255 Bunning, Rev. Sanders, who later became United States senator and who still resides in Helena, Montana, a venerable pioneer and dis- tinguished citizen. Abt bought a placer claim in Alder Gulch, and worked the same at intervals during the ensuing year, and then removed to Silver Bullock, James L Dana, Ruel E Darling, Andrew D., D. Each of the ac- cused was granted counsel and a fair trial, and tlie vigilantes represented the very best element in the coinmunity, as may be understood when we state that in Virginia City their attorney was Colonel Wilbur F. when he started for the Black Hills, coming down the Missouri river from Fort Benton to Bismarck, and thence pro- ceeding overland with a party of more than one hundred men, who made up a large wagon train. Brown, Hugh L .1634 Chladek, Frank .1832 Curtis, George W ...1270 Brown, John .1846 Christensen, Lars C .1048 Curtis, Hiram H ...1687 Brown, James M .1785 Clagett, Moses H., M. .1225 Cuthbert, Frederic T ...1013 Brown, Richard F., M. .1235 Clark, Arthur E .1779 Bruell, William F .1562 Clark, James B .1416 D Bruner, Vincent .1843 Clark, S, Wesley .1744 Buck, Edwin E .1567 Clark, William T .1390 Dahlenburg, Frederick . ...1346 Buckingham, George .1643 Clarke, George A .1405 Dale, William T ...1062 Buechler, C .1222 Clarke, William R .1228 Daley, Rev. On the i6th of the same month he started for Helena, where he engaged in the boot and shoe business, doing a prosperous business and there remaining until 1876.

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