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Robert Lo wry " 316 Seal of the Province of West Florida attached to the British Patents '* 348 Mississippi State Flag " 369 Old State Capitol, 1839-1903 « 380 . d'Iberville at the fort of Maurepas in the Mississippi river, on the coast of Florida, to whom are due the sums hereinafter indicated for each of them, to begin, according to the terms of their engagement, on the first day after the termination of the advances made to them in France, and on the island of S. per month, for the last 10 days of October, the months of November and December 70 1.

Hence nothing Total 2065 : remitted in Rochefort by a statement of August 30, 1699. ROLL OF THE STAFF OFFICERS, petty officers, sailors, Canadians, freebooters, soldiers, laborers and cabin boys who have been left in garrison by Mr. per month, for the last 10 days of October, the months of November and December 1698.

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They run a clothing bank and, for the past 22 years, have held prayer at the church every morning at 6 a.m., Monday through Friday.448 Election Returns 456 • Executive Departments, Ofacers and Boards 494 Senators and Representatives in Congress 588 Part V '. r 603- State Institutions 605 The University of Mississippi 605 Mississippi Industrial Institute and College 631 The Mississippi A. College 644 The Mississippi Normal College 647 The Alcorn A. College 652 The Magnolia — State Flower of Mississippi 655 History of First Mississippi Infantry 659 Statistics for Mississippi 718 Part VI 741 Lregislatlve Department 743 Sketches of Senators 756 Sketches of Members of the House 825 The City of Gulfport 969 County Qovernment 971 County Officers 977 ■:■ ( LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS r state Flag of Mississippi . To know: staff officers — • 326 petty officers 238 sailors 63 Canadians ...,..,...,,.,.....,-. » • • " 7^^ ' T 5 ■ -^ U i N *HE FIRST WHITE SETTLERS IN MISSISSIPPI freebooters 425 : laborers 229: cabin boys " 66 : soldiers (they will be paid from the funds of the port until the end of the year. the present year 360 1 • ) Engaged on July 20, '98. de la Touche ' Rochefort Extract of the funds which must be paid out in Rochefort for the salaries of the staff officers, the petty officers, sailors and other persons left in the garrison on the Bay of Biloxi, to the end of the year 1699. per month, for the last 10 days of October, the months of November and December, 70.

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