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Instead, she finds the nearest supermarket, purchases a big jug of water and keeps it in her hotel room to refill her bottle throughout the trip.

Hannon started traveling solo in the 1980s, when few women ventured out alone.

That's why we have support teams available all week to help out with any issues by phone or email, and if at any time you're unhappy with your membership, you can cancel it with no quibbles or questions asked.

Tired of guys hounding you when all you want is someone that knows how to give you what you want?

Some will prefer to flirt online or use one to one webcams at first, but there's no pretending to look for relationships, it's all about no-strings attached sex.

Our job is to make sure that you've got a secure and safe place to meet up and make that happen.

“I always told people I could eat sawdust and poop a two-by-four,” she says with a laugh.

You don't even need to provide any credit card details to sign up.

The 600 skeins of yarn she owns all came secondhand. For her, survival is as much about resilience and satisfaction as it is about financial solvency.

“I need to fuel my soul if I’m going to be a good mother,” she says, “so I’m constantly looking for ways to fill my emotional reserves along with my bank account.” It’s a skill she learned as a child in what used to be called South-Central Los Angeles.

So Lundquist decided to downsize and buy a place in Sacramento.

Meanwhile, her event-planning business stalled along with the economy.

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