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I was sitting on Santa’s lap And I looked into his eyes Santa turned me on that day Much to my surprise.

Warm and sexy Soft and pink Infatuated I was With just an eyewink He did not know, he could not tell How he affected me that day This year I will be impatient till I can see him again that very way.

He was also made to lick my clit hard and make me cum which he did very well But all the time telling him he was goodboy he was So there was no pain involved but i felt very much in charge and i new he would do anything for me.

My outfit was over the knee boots with hold ups and a very short black pvc dress and not much on top lol Do I or don’t I shave or trim this is the question I have always shaved down there but I’m getting to a age where I think I want to trim and be neat but with a small tidy Bush lol,( not to much that I gets in your teeth lol) up to now I have had a lot of gentlman ask me to grow it so I decided to give it a go , bought my self a nice new electric lady shave and a fanny comb yes they do do combs for my lady garden so many names for one area I will have to give it one name and stick to it .

Repeat the French kiss yet another time if you both liked it.

This time you can push your tongue deeper into your partner’s mouth.

He left with a smile and a very red bottom Evening Do all mistress dress in pvc, I decided to be different and make my gentleman relaxed by starting of with a nice massage gentle massaging his back but with deep muscle strokes, then moving down to his well oiled buttocks and slowly push one lubed covered finger up his arse well he did ask nicely.

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I made him stand in front of me and pull down his trousers and bend over my knee I started with ten nice hard whacks and a few more and then made him bend over the chair and used my lovely paddle till his butt cheeks where nice and red with a lovely glow But I new he really wanted to finish by having six of the best with my cane so I'm not one to say no to giving some one a telling off With all my arm swing I gave him a god six After I had finished punishing the naughty boy we lay on the bed for a cuddle but I did tell him he had to wank him self of for my pleasure while I played with my magic wand .

But the first time I ever did a happy smile ending was about a month before I left and A gentleman asked me if I would make him smile at the end which I thought why not as I was feeling very horny so after showing him my massaging skills I oiled his cock up and wanked him off very slowly till he well you can guess the rest and boy what a buzz I got as it was naughty to be such a bad masseuse I still get the same buzz when I do it now.

Have a good weekend Xx While ago I went with a friend to the park, I wanted that naughty flashing pictures I thought it would be sexy and horny but I have never laughed so much to the point I think I nearly wet my self but only nearly , (as I got stuck up a tree with no pants on) It was a week day so not many people about and it was not hot but warm dressed in my knee highs, hold ups and black dress, black pants.

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