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That is completely different today, when they are often among the most ardent Zionists.Although it’s true that today you find Democrats, the well-educated and liberals to be less supportive of Israel than other American Jews, overall U. public support for Israel has been unwavering for five decades—consistently four or five times stronger than pro-Palestinian sentiment in America, including during the Gaza invasions.Finally, I would note that Israel’s robust cultural production in film, TV and music, as well as its many accomplishments in tech, give American Jews direct connections with Israel and Israelis that didnt exist 30 or 40 years ago.The two communities interact and know one another in ways they never did before.There have always been tensions about the degree to which Israel has the right to speak for all Jews.

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They have far more in common and interact and communicate with one another far more today than ever before in their histories. During my first visits to Israel in the 1960s and 1970s, the attitude of Israelis was that every Jew who didn’t move there was missing his role in history.

American Jews, for the most part, remain firmly in the liberal camp.

There is not, however, a divide between Israel and American Orthodox Jews, who remain very attached to Israel and are supportive of the Netanyahu government.

That might eventually occur, but right now, this is much more a matter of American Jewry’s objections to Israel’s political culture. Too often, American Jews think that Israel is what its leaders say it is or that Israelis are who their leaders appear to be.

I think most Israelis would be appalled by that proposition.

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