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History also has a central meaning in national awareness and identity.

Related to history is the national coat of arms, which depicts the House of Árpád's Árpád led the Hungarian conquest in 896 and his offspring founded the state and ruled until the male line died out in the early fourteenth century.

While some of the nationalities shared that experience, most turned against the Hungarians.

The Austrian tyranny that followed the revolution of 1848 ended with the 1867 Austrian-Hungarian Compromise.

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The national anthem, written in 1823, is symbol of the eastern origins and history of the Hungarians in the form of a prayer that begs God to help the nation.

With this accord, the Austro-Hungarian monarchy was established.

The Austro-Hungarian monarchy ended after World War I.

In the Middle Ages, groups and nationalities that were not ethnically Hungarian lived in the nation.

After the late Middle Ages, a dual national consciousness is demonstrable.

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