Allen payne and demetria mckinney dating

to look for a new computer system for Piedmont High, and he ends up getting wooed by two companies, who offer him cool presents in order to sway his opinion.After Principal Dowling comes to the Henderson household to talk to T.After the two are caught fighting by Floyd and he finds out about Marcus firing his little brother, Marcus admits that he was jealous that T.Guest starring: Gabrielle Union as Lydia, Christopher "Kid" Reid as Ernie Tracy Co-starring: Sean Parhm as Keyboard Player, Justin Urich as Goose, Terrence Paul Winter as Ace, Ken Lawson as Tiko, Jeanine Michele as Pianist, Christina Milian as Kiki, Amarillis as Natasha Title Reference: That Thing You Do!The objective of this commercial is to demonstrate to boys that if they take this body spray, they will become men, they will also attract female and they will be more easily in relationship.The audience are also defined as a guy who wants to find a relationship with a beautiful girl.But the plan goes awry when Tyler starts to literally begin acting like a dog and Marcus has to face Alina's big ex-boyfriend Warren, who threatens to beat him up.

Guest starring: Wesley Jonathan as Tyler, Natasha Williams as Alina, Sam Monroe as Warren Co-starring: Sarah Lilly as Mrs.that he was sent to the principal's office because of his nipple piercing.ends up getting Mo suspended from the basketball team for two weeks, and he cannot play in a game against rivals Truman during their big gig at the school's "Battle of the Bands" competition.Guest star Christina Milian is credited as Christine Flores.

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