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Upon the arrival of Samuel de Champlain in Quebec in 1608, this region was under the control of the Mohawks.

France created an alliance through its missionaries with the Abenaki, located in Maine and Vermont. Lawrence River near Trois-Rivières after a Mohawk victory in the war of 1660.

The Crown acknowledged Hyatt's ownership of the land in 1801.

Hyatt built the first dam on the Magog River, in collaboration with another loyalist named Jonathan Ball, who had bought land on the north bank of the river.

The first European settler to reside in the Sherbrooke region was a French Canadian named Jean-Baptiste Nolain, of whom few details are known, except that he arrived in 1779 to engage in agriculture. In 1793, loyalist Gilbert Hyatt, a farmer from Schenectady, New York, established his farm not far from the confluence of the Massawippi River and Coaticook River, before the governor of Lower Canada officially awarded the land.

The first attempts at colonization occurred in 1792 on the banks of the St. Over the next two years, 18 families came to live on the site.

Traces of seasonal camps, characterized by arrowheads, scrapers, and other similar tools have been found.

Ceramic objects dating from the Woodland period (3000 to 500 BP) were also found, indicating that the region continued to be occupied by nomadic people during this period.

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From 1835 Sherbrooke began to seek government support to establish a railway line, but this only became a reality in 1852 through the line connecting the cities of Montreal and Portland.

The many new industrial investments caused the building sites on the shores of the Gorge to be quickly occupied, which limited the expansion and complicated the advent of new companies wanting to benefit from hydraulic power.

In addition, the railway network, linking the city to Montreal, Portland, Lévis and several Ontario cities, was located far from the river.

There are several ski hills nearby and various tourist attractions in regional flavour.

Mont-Bellevue Park, a large park in the city, is used for downhill skiing.

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