Amanda bynes dating doug reinhardt

The couple reportedly had a week of relationship ups and downs before deciding to go their separate ways.

According to the mag, Amanda was upset while she attended the GBK gift suite in Los Angeles last week.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting Bynes' return to the spotlight after some very public brushes with the law that turned her from actress into tabloid queen.

“[She] stormed out saying it was over and she was done,” says the source.

December 2008 - January 2009Amanda Bynes and 'The Hills' reality show personality Doug Reinhardt were all over each other at a Lakers' game in December of 2008.

According to a witness, “They looked really happy.”On Wednesday night, Amanda partied with girlfriends and an unidentified man, who never left her side, at LA’s Guy’s Lounge, the mag reported.

Doug, who used to play for the Baltimore Orioles before his knee injury, also hit the town Wednesday, dancing the night away at Crown Bar.

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