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Rick focuses on the current state of American politics, and leans into boomer bashing. I guess on this article we’ll have to agree to disagree.But I urge you to keep trying to look at the bigger picture. By RICK MONTGOMERY The Kansas City Star 04/04/2015 AM ~ 04/05/2015 AM At some moment this year a U. baby boomer will die and, if census forecasts are right, the generation born between 19 will no longer be the nation’s largest. Years after their millennial descendants overtake them in numbers, aging boomers probably will be setting America’s course and, many contend, building a legacy as the generation too divided to move government forward. In poll research and punditry, boomers who chose politics are taking heat for being in charge during an era of incivility and Washington gridlock.This “kidly swag” often also included trips to Europe, personal cars, and the best education we Boomers could buy.BUT, I averred, now that we Boomers are getting toward retirement age, we are reclaiming our altruism.As an example, look at the period of the Viet Nam war and the attendant protests.Personally, the worst of the campus war protesting was over by the time I matriculated.Youthful Idealism Put Aside But Not Lost I also talked to Rick about the fact that we Boomers have not lost our idealism and our desire to improve the lives of those less fortunate.I discussed the fact that many of us felt we had to ease up on living lives focused on our idealistic, altruistic values, because we grew up, had children, and needed to provide for them.

Ironically, one of those Sterling Hall bombers, Karl Armstrong, was caught, served time, and later returned to Madison, where he sold my daughter — and thousands of other UW-Madison students — lemonde from a stand on the campus mall.“But the evidence is stacked up high against the boomers, at least when it comes to the world of divisive politics.” Experts tie the divisions to seminal political and cultural clashes during the boomers’ early adulthood, when people tend to form a lifelong set of beliefs.To name a few: the civil rights movement, the Vietnam War protests, the 1970 shootings at Kent State University, Watergate, changes in gender roles and, for younger boomers, the Reagan Revolution.We are working to give back to our communities, and the earth. I backed up that statement with facts and stories about Boomer participation and support of programs like Doctors Without Borders, the Peace Corps, Habitat for Humanity, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, the Red Cross volunteers who go into storm damaged areas, etc.Not to mention the Boomers who volunteer in their churches, in hospitals and prisons and through service organizations like Rotary or Kiwanis. But the resulting article, which I’ve reprinted below, doesn’t adopt my big picture point of view.

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