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More humble dwellings also took on characteristics of the Georgian style.America's Georgian homes tend to be less ornate than those found in Britain.Built in coastal areas of the American South, these homes were designed for wet, hot climates.Tidewater homes have large porches (or "galleries") sheltered by a broad roof.Stately and symmetrical, these homes imitated the larger, more elaborate Georgian homes which were being built in England.But the genesis of the style goes back much farther.

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Features of the Tidewater House Style include Note that these features also describe the French Colonial houses found in Louisiana and the Mississippi River valley, where Europeans from France settled by way of Canada. Although we can suspect that design ideas were borrowed from each other, Settlers in the Spanish territories of North America built simple, low homes made using rocks, adobe brick, coquina, or stucco.However, Federalist details are often incorporated into modern American homes.Look past the vinyl siding, and you may see a fanlight or the elegant arch of a Palladian window.Shown here, a Georgian Colonial home in Sandwich, New Hampshire.Photo © 2005 Jackie Craven Georgian Colonial became the rave in New England and the Southern colonies during the 1700's.

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