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The is a place for storytelling, and Stellar-Ripple is the best story going in the vital young cryptocurrency industry and maybe in the financial-technology (“fintech”) world. Mc Caleb co-founded e Donkey2000, a Napster-like file-sharing program that earned him enough credibility in the programming world that he survived its cease-and-desist order and agreement to pay million to avoid copyright infringement lawsuits by the RIAA. Burzlaff started a family, the cryptographers behind the pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto launched Bitcoin.

David joined as CTO and later became Chief Cryptographer.In addition to these companies, Google has merged with or acquired more than 125 other companies to develop the company and technology behind Google products and services.Universally regarded as a ‘genius’ even by his detractors, Jed Mc Caleb helped create two landmark crypto companies that are now battling for supremacy—first Ripple Labs and now Stellar.There is no bank collecting a - wire fee or 4 percent merchant fee or any of the other toll payments that make banks the most profitable companies in creation.There is also no bank-to-government pipeline of information about the transaction. Gox was an acronym for his short-lived fantasy trading-card exchange, Magic: the Gathering Online Exchange; he already owned the domain.) His idea and implementation was the first major turning point in the Cryptocurrency Era—even bigger than the invention of Bitcoin itself. Gox was handling more than 70 percent of Bitcoin transactions. Mc Caleb did not invent cryptocurrency any more than Netscape invented the Internet. Mc Caleb created a familiar environment for people to store, trade, and buy things with Bitcoin. Gox popularized Bitcoin, and then nearly destroyed it. Gox suspended trading, filed for bankruptcy and is in the process of liquidating.

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