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” the married doc said, pleading to have a little fun — until at last a page alerted them to an actual medical situation in need of attention: a woman who’d been trying to smuggle a gun into prison via her vajayjay!Of Since Meredith was being especially nice to Jo for Alex’s sake since she couldn’t be mentioned in the medical journal — damn you, Paul!Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Arizona, April and Maggie’s dull, dull workday got a whole lot more interesting when they treated a patient who… You’re gonna have to see it (in print) to believe it." data-reactid="27" set sail Thursday as Jackson took most of Grey Sloan’s menfolk “fishing” aboard his brand-spanking-new boat.Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Arizona, April and Maggie’s dull, dull workday got a whole lot more interesting when they treated a patient who… You’re gonna have to see it (in print) to believe it. That said, they decided to blame everything bad that had transpired on the brain tumor and start over as pals.Sylvan Cemetery Kilgore - Utzman Cemetery (1871-1995) Longview - Hunter Cemetery (1885-1975) Longview - Magrill / Moore Cemetery Longview - Mc Kinley / Mc Cutcheon Cemetery (1873-1962) Longview - New Providence Cemetery Peatown Cemetery White Oak - New Sabine Valley Cemetery (1990 Record) White Oak - Post Oak Baptist Church Cemetery Anderson - St. John / Wimberly Graves) (1909-1949) Murphy / Murphree / Crews / Houx Graves (1879-1976) Peoria - Peoria Cemetery Prairie Grove Cemetery (1868-1925) Salem Cemetery Scotts Chapel Cemetery (Farquhar Graves) (1878-1946) Whitney - Heath Cemetery Levelland - Levelland Cemetery Levelland - Memorial Gardens Cemetery Smyer - Smyer Cemetery Tolar - Amulet / Powell Cemetery (1871-1964) Tolar - Rock Church Cemetery Clifton Cemetery (See also Rains Co.) Hopkins Co.Stanislaus Catholic Cemetery Bedias - Bedias Cemetery Bedias - Plaster / Ross Cemetery (1844-1973) Cotton - Carter Cemetery (1851-1983) Fairview Cemetery Independence Cemetery Iola - Old Bethel Cemetery (1848-1985) Iola - Taylor Island Cemetery (1858-1876) Iola - Zion Methodist Cemetery (Wilcox Graves) (1883-1980) Keith - Evergreen Cemetery Plantersville - Saint Mary's Catholic Cemetery Stoneham - Saint Joseph's Catholic Cemetery Union Hill Cemetery (1880-1968) Achterberg Cemetery (1887-1971) Boecker Cemetery Ebert Cemetery (1875-1960) Hardeman / Mc Kinney Cemetery (1851-1933) La Vernia - Concrete Cemetery (See also Wilson Co.) Marion - Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery Marion - Hoese Cemetery New Berlin - Beutnagel Cemetery (1884-1931) New Berlin - Linne Cemetery (1900-1991) New Braunfels - Bartels Cemetery (1882-1924) (See also Comal Co.) Seguin - Jahns Cemetery Schumansville - Schumansville Cemetery Hale Center - Ritchey Cemetery (1915-1979) Liberty Cemetery (1914-1969) North Fairview Cemetery Old Fairview Cemetery Plaska - Plaska Cemetery (1899-1924) Turkey - Dreamland Cemetery Walls Family Cemetery (1913-1930) Carlton - Carlton Cemetery Evant - Kingbury Cemetery (See also Coryell Co.) Fairview - Hurst Ranch Cemetery (Kincheloe Graves) (1985-1995) Hico - Hico Cemetery (partial) Pecan Wells - Pecan Wells Cemetery Shive - Cottage Hill Cemetery (partial) Goodlett - Goodlett Cemetery Kountze - Hooks Cemetery Kountze - Mc Kinney Cemetery Lumberton - Bumstead Cemetery Lumberton - Walton Cemetery Sour Lake - Sour Lake Cemetery Village Mills - Richardson Cemetery (See also Tyler Co.) Aldine - Aldine Cemetery Crosby - Lynch Cemetery (1909-1946) Cypress - Borgstedt Cemetery Cypress - Hoffmeister Cemetery Deer Park - Bethany Cemetery Greens Bayou - Gears Family Cemetery (1921-1931) Henry Graves (1917-1925) Houston - Beeler Cemetery (1881-1944) Houston - Founders Memorial Park Cemetery (1837-1949) Houston - Hillendahl Family Cemetery (1854-1939) Houston - Hollywood II Cemetery Houston - Perry Cemetery Huffman - Huffman Cemetery Spring - Budde Cemetery Spring - Wunsche Family Cemetery (1885-1959) Tomball - Pillot Cemetery (1844-1954) Blocker Cemetery (1852-1924) Bluff Springs Cemetery (1870-1965) Elysian Fields - New Elysian Fields Cemetery (1912-1968) Elysian Fields - Old Elysian Fields Cemetery (1866-1932) Rule - Pinkerton Cemetery (1900-1977) Sagerton - Andres Grave (1910) Sagerton - Capron Cemetery Sagerton - Fairview Cemetery Barton Cemetery Dripping Springs - Phillips Cemetery A - G H - P Q - Z Driftwood Cemetery Fitzhugh Cemetery Goforth - Martin Church Cemetery Jacobs Well Cemetery Memory Lawn Memorial Garden Cemetery (See also Caldwell Co.) A - C D - G H - Mar Mas - Q R - Sh Si - Z San Marcos - San Marcos Cemetery (Rogers Graves) (1946-1947) Wallace Mountain Cemetery (partial) Henderson Co. Cemeteries Blum - Blum Cemetery (A-D) Blum - Blum Cemetery (E-K) Blum - Blum Cemetery (L-R) Blum - Blum Cemetery (S-Z) Blum - Dodson Cemetery (1865-1967) Graham / Mason Cemetery (1866-1957) Hillsboro - Prairiedale Cemetery (1877-1936) Hubbard - Cottonwood Cemetery Hubbard - Fairview Cemetery (Barrett / Wood Graves) (1886-1979) Hubbard - Fairview Cemetery (partial) (1929-1998) Hubbard - Fairview Cemetery (partial #2) (1951-1999) Itasca - Raleigh Cemetery (See also Johnson Co.) Itasca - Turner Cemetery (1900-1997) Lake Whitney - Fort Graham Cemetery Name List Lebanon - New Lebanon Cemetery (Wilkinson Graves) (1983-1996) Lebanon - Old Lebanon Cemetery Malone - Walling Cemetery Mt. Cemeteries Crockett - Bynum Cemetery Grapeland - Dalys / Dailey Community Cemetery Grapeland - Grapeland City Cemetery Grapeland - Tyer / Lone Star Cemetery (1887-1959) Guiceland Cemetery (Smith Graves) (See also Anderson Co.) (1900-1981) Big Spring - Trinity Memorial Park Cemetery (White Grave - 1978) Boles Home for Children Cemetery (1945-1979) Caddo Mills - Dugan Cemetery (1877-1961) Greenville - Boyle Family Cemetery (1899-1981) Lee Cemetery (1861-1932) (See also Fannin Co.) Quinlan - Graham Point Cemetery Scatter Branch - Scatter Branch Cemetery Tidwell - Tidwell Cemetery Plemons - Plemons Cemetery (1907-1953) Jack Co.— it freaked out Wilson, who complained to Richard that Grey was treating her like a baby deer.In turn, Webber revealed that Jo was up for chief resident, which only weirded her out more.

Her patient du jour was one Judge Jeffrey King, who was in for a liver resection and diversion procedure (whatever those are).

— it freaked out Wilson, who complained to Richard that Grey was treating her like a baby deer.

Though Judge King was iffy about signing the consent form for Mer’s surgery, Jo encouraged him to be brave rather than live what life the cancer patient had left wondering “What if… ” When Mer checked in on him afterwards, concerned that Jo had pressured him into signing, he recalled his late wife and gave off sweet sparks that made one think, “Hmm… ” Later, Mer reassured Jo that she didn’t see her as a victim.

Cemeteries Allsup Family Burials (1898-1993) Copperas Cemetery Junction - Bear Creek Cemetery Junction - Gentry Creek Cemetery Junction - Little Mexico / Northeast Junction Cemetery Junction - Pioneer / North Llano Cemetery (1876-1916) Junction - Wooten Cemetery Notes London - London Cemetery London - Red Creek Cemetery Rembold Ranch / Joy Settlement Cemetery #1 (1863-1895) Rembold Ranch / Joy Settlement Cemetery #2 (1888-1933) Telegraph - Big Paint Creek Cemetery (1880-1884) Various Graves (1866-1917) Benjamin - Benjamin Cemetery (partial) Gilliland - Gilliland Cemetery Vera - Vera Cemetery Biardstown - Antioch Cemetery Biardstown - Friendship Cemetery Pyles Cemetery (Hicks / Garrison Graves) (1912-1992) Roxton - Lee Cemetery (1831-1913) Lampasas Co.

Cemeteries Hallettsville - Moore Cemetery (1898-1920) Mikeska Cemetery (1881-1976) Mossy Grove Cemetery Lexington - Mundine Cemetery (1867-1945) Leon Co.

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