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Among the usual network activity, he noticed a large amount of requests to open.

Through deeper inspection, he found the domain name to be an Amazon AWS instance owned by One Plus.

Even when you jump right onto the bandwagon, apps and experiences take time and support to develop, so I was wickedly curious about what I might find out there.

While there are experiences or apps that aren't really child-appropriate, there isn't any strictly adult content available in the Oculus Store, and Google's policies on adult content are fairly clear.

is a live cam app that allows you to speak to women in real time, and is the only strictly adult app available through their marketplace.

My second stop was over to Mikandi, to check out their app store.

If you're not familiar with this process, this essentially allowed him to view all incoming and outgoing internet traffic from his phone.From Google Cardboard to the popularity of the Samsung Gear VR just a few weeks ago, we've seen experiences that can take us around the world, right to the Avengers Tower.For some of us though, there has been a lingering question, is there adult content for VR floating out there on the internet?*The most recently aired full episodes require a participating TV provider account.Show and episode availability are subject to change.

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