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Eventually, Eddie discovers that Sophia has betrayed them when she plans to complete the Pyramid of Ra herself.

At the graduation ceremony, Mara is manipulated by an unknown force when she wears the valedictorian medal (which is actually an artifact discovered by Alfie).

Ten episodes were commissioned for the first series of House of Anubis which featured cast interviews, behind the scenes clips, tours of the set, and exclusive previews.

These ten episode were presented by Anna Williamson and Jamie Rickers.

The following movies and TV shows recently filmed in Vancouver and British Columbia and wrapped up this year.

To see what’s filming in Vancouver and British Columbia right now, check out our In Production page.

The series was filmed in Liverpool with Ye Priory Court standing in for Anubis House, Anubis Unlocked is a behind the scenes show of the House of Anubis which is aired in and produced by Nickelodeon UK.

At the house, the Sibunas team up with Victor to find the remaining pillars of the Pyramid to stop Sophia from accomplishing her goal.

In the final showdown, the Pyramid is incomplete and the students are saved.

The hour-long series premiere on 1 January 2011 was watched by an average of 2.9 million viewers for the first two episodes.

The series scored a 4.0 share (846,000 viewers) among teens 11–17, a 4.4 share (952,000 viewers) among kids 11–15 and a 3.5 share (1.2 million) among kids 11–18, ranking #1 amongst all broadcast and basic cable programs in its timeslot in all pre-teen and teen demographics.

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