Are you dating the right guy

You're more likely to find the right guy if you're looking in places you already go, or find locations where guys you like enjoy hanging out. Right," you'll need to know how to start a conversation with him.

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Photo credit: Source Whether you’re watching a movie, eating dinner, playing video games or just spending the whole day in bed talking about everything, he is the only person you need to have a memorable moment. Maybe all he knows how to do is flip a pancake or not burn an omelet – on the other hand he might be a better cook than you.He can’t be expected to know exactly what to say, however he will sit you down, wrap a blanket around you and give you a massage. If he has ever tried surprising you with a song or other romantic gesture, more often than not it has ended up more embarrassing than romantic.However the gestures are flattering and prove to be topics of conversation for the rest of your relationship.Let’s face it, perfect guys don’t exist, so the fact that this imperfect guy can make you happy is an indicator that you’re probably with the right guy. Every relationship has its low points and its high points.In whatever case, it is great to have a man who makes sure you two don’t dwell on unnecessary arguments.

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