Arjun bijlani and rati pandey dating dexter dating real life

The series ran for a little more than two years successfully covering two seasons before ending on 19 November 2010.

After the sisters leave, the gang feels lonely; knowing Dia and Uday would leave soon as well, they decide to pursue Gunjan for Samrat and his newfound love for her.

From this, Shashi and Ratna develop a pivotally negative opinion about Mayank.

Ratna, angered from Mayank, faults Samrat as well, for his disruption during a religious ritual, serving eggs or supposedly loose character, and asks him to leave immediately.

Ranvijay(Khushank Arora), a daredevil rich and spoilt bad playboy, who breaks all limits to see things his way, enters as well.

Sheena finds Samrat attractive and Samrat initiates a serious relationship with her as he seems to be infatuated with her while Ranvijay attempts to take advantage of Dia, who soon gives in getting over her crush on Samrat unaware of his wrong intentions, much to Samrat's chagrin. Gunjan, on the other hand, consistently reiterates to Samrat, wanting the best for him, that Sheena, his girlfriend, will not allow their unique friendship to continue and to stay away from Ranvijay. The play progresses where Mayank dramatically confesses his love for Nupur on stage, starting their private relationship.

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