Aunty meet sex chat

We have the drinking water connection in our house. Her son, who is a small kid, then used to play with us when we play french cricket in our house.Her hubby used to be out of station for most of the days.As i have been aware of the natural tendency about sex in men and women, i can kind of guess that she might be having very less sex with her hubby. Being horny in the age, i used to masturbate imagining me with her doing it in different situations.Its already been 2 years that i know her and in those times, she kind of got friendly with us and used to talk to us when she comes to fetch water.I sucked her lower lip between my lips and she took my upper lip between hers.

She herself pulled her lips towards mine and i took them in.

It was during my project time that my room mates went to different places to work on projects for the final year and i was doing it in my college.

So i stayed alone in our house for the last four months.

Ocassionally,when she wears a nighty, i used to have a glimpse of her nipples and small tight boobs when she bends to lift up the vessel. I then immediately use dto rush to bethroom and masturbate.

She used to tell us how to cook different recipes as we used to cook at home.

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