Austria dating customs

In the end the Emperor Ferdinand I was eventually pressured to abdicate in favor of his nephew Emperor Franz Joseph I, whose 68-year reign was one of Austria’s longest.

Together with his wife Elisabeth, the legendary "Sisi", he shaped the image of the Austrian imperial rule.

During the Congress of Vienna (1814/15), held with the purpose of redrawing the continent's political map after Napolen’s defeat, Austrian Chancellor Metternich tried to reconsolidate Austrian power.

In 1848 the French philosophy of middle-class revolution reached Austria, but the rebellion was promptly squashed, and Emperor Franz I and Metternich responded by cutting down civil liberties and introducing a strict censorship.

Visit the Archaeology Park with a museum and an amphitheater.

The most important Roman settlement in Austria was Carnuntum (capital of the Roman province of Pannonia in today’s Lower Austria) which became the center of the Roman fortifications along the Danube.

Under his leadership, Habsburg forces won control of all but a small portion of Hungary by 1699.

Baroque Period With the end of the Turkish threat, the arts and culture experienced a surge.

People started to meet again, and the arts were cherished.

Artists of this time include painters like Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller and Friedrich Gauermann, the composer Franz Schubert, and the poets Adalbert Stifter, Ferdinand Raimund and Franz Grillparzer.

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