Beauty and the geek contestants dating online dating with black guys

They were up against Julian and Jordan in the last Q&A round, in which the Beauties and Geeks were tested on their knowledge about their partners. It’s totally out of the ordinary but I’ve really enjoyed it.

We chatted to the cute pair about how they celebrated, what they’re planning to do with their 0,000 cash prize, how they’ve changed, and how Lachlan is going to make things work long distance with girlfriend Jordan. Sarah: I had some of the Geeks that were able to come from Sydney at my house last night, so we all watched it together. Sarah, how did you feel about the exam questions, like the one about Lachlan’s dance move that you couldn’t have ‘studied’ for?

Also, editing took away some of Ankur’s outrageous comments, and he said that in the television premier he noticed that quite a few of the audioclips were sliced.

We’ve known for three months that we won, so it was a lot more exciting for family and friends who didn’t know. How did you manage to keep it a secret for so long? I usually can’t keep my mouth shut, so with this I was very proud of myself that I didn’t tell friends. He changed his routines quite a lot, so when I saw that question I thought, ‘Oh gosh, I have no idea what his next step would be,’ because he did it differently every time I watched. Lachlan: For the moment it’s staying, but if Jordan and I go as a couple long into the future and she still has an issue with it, and if we get engaged or I marry her, then I think I’ll consider getting the ‘Sarah and Lachlan’ part removed. Have you and Jordan discussed how you’re going to make your relationship work across different states?

I think we can make it work; it’s just a matter of working hard at it. It’s not something that I would choose to share, but Jordan’s a different person to me, and that’s part of the reason why I love her. Whilst I think it’s a bit taboo or don’t talk about such things in public, she didn’t. It’s not that I don’t want to keep in touch with the other people, it’s just you’re obviously going to be closer to some people than the others. Lachlan, how have you maintained your look since your makeover?

I was wondering how you felt about Jordan revealing those intimate details of your love life on the radio last time? I still love her, and I wasn’t upset with her at all. Were you guys surprised by Mackenzie and Troy’s engagement announcement? Lachlan: It’s a slow process, but I’m trying to get regular and stylish haircuts than just a clipper all over.

Later, she disapproved of Ankur’s unibrow, chasing him with tweezers. In the month of taping, the contestants were confined to a giant mansion with fully catered meals, pool tables, and hot tub.

Ankur said that many of the girls were actually as ditzy as they appeared and that his eyebrows were never plucked. Ankur said that there was always a casting person around the mansion.

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