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Four months ago I was reviewing the design of Spatial Modeller™ , version one and I come across people who said that the Repository/Unit of Work pattern was not useful with Microsoft’s main data access technology, Entity Framework (shortened to EF from now on).See items marked with ‘, which I am writing for Manning Publishing.

This means we want to hide some of EFs code, but still be able to use all of its features.Firstly the EF database classes need to be at the data layer level, so these classes aren’t really the right place to have business logic (I have a separate layer/assembly for that).Also EF sets certain restrictions on the way collections are handled, which means you can’t use a IReadonly Collection, which can make building a DDD root/aggregates approach where the sub classes of a DDD root can only be changed via the root hard to enforce.DTOs are also good at dealing with the issue of Aggregates, that is a class that has subclasses under it.For instance you might have a class called Order, which has collection of Line Items under it, and most likely a link to a Customer.

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