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Some vendors use alphabet letters A thru L to signify the month.

is the only other page on the net that has coding examples (Canned Food Alliance consortium - nice of them to interpret their own coding!! Please send me an email if you have a question of decoding a particular item.

Download julian calendar (2004) as a pdf file, fairly easy to estimate if in grocery store figuring out coding of item.

Marrs candy uses week of year manufactured in their coding.

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Below is a sample page found when clicking a food manufacturer "contact us" link.M= The month of production (A= January, B=February, C=March, etc.) Y= A number standing for year of production (1=2001, 2=2002, etc.) P or PP= A letter or two letters standing for the plant DD= Two numbers identifying the date of production (01-31) Example: a production code starting with B2NV27 would indicate that the product was made on February 27, 2002.For best quality: * Use Old El Paso salsa, picante sauce, taco sauce, refried beans, whole beans, black bean dip, seasoning mixes, canned or jarred jalapeno peppers, and canned Spanish rice within 24 months of production.Since then, many countries have added contributions to the world of cheese, but the most treasured methods and recipes are native to Italy.Types of Italian Cheese Alta Badia – This cheese is named after the lush Alta Badia Valley nestled in the Dolomite Mountains of Italy.

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