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At the time the song was at #3 on Billboard's Top 100 chart; eight days later on June 8th, 1959 it would peak at #2* and it stayed on the chart for a half-year ... Would he be jamming with Brian Setzer and the Brian Setzer Orchestra or would he be crooning with Tony Bennett or appearing on"American Idol"?? D."This has to be one of the best pop/rock songs of all time.

The young man had tried to escape, but he had been unable to pry the door open far enough due to the mud and the sheer force of the water. When he was three years old, the family moved to Whittier, California where neighbours urged Bobby's parents to get their son into acting.George and Dorothy were transferred to Saudi Arabia on business for a lengthy period and Hazel and Harold moved in with George's bother, real estate agent Steve Baxter (Ray Fulmer) and his wife, Barbara (Lynn Borden).Their daughter Susie, Harold's younger cousin, was played by child actress Julia Benjamin.Don Defore and Whitney Blake played Hazel's employers, George and Dorothy Baxter, and Bobby played their blond-haired son.The first five seasons of the show (1961-1965) were broadcast on NBC.

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