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In fact, you will never see them not preoccupied because they will find time to peek into the lives of their favorite characters, wherever they may be!

#1 Time to bring out that book bag and library card that has been hoarding cobwebs since you got it. And you are probably in this section because you are not a big fan of books, or even if you are a fan, you are not a hardcore, super fan like the person that you are dating. There are surely a number of libraries that you can bring your partner to.

I label myself, I label other people and it's kind of a sucky place to live!

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You don’t even have to feign enthusiasm for the same books.While some people may consider the otherkin unbalanced, they aren't thought of as being a good fit for mental health treatment.What they're doing (mostly games and chatting online) isn't illegal, doesn't victimize other people, and isn't a form of mental illness (unless people become delusional about it), so there's no need for treatment.That was pretty insane to me, I'm like "Where are these people?Even with Sam, you see her come full circle by the end.

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