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Where the style used to commonly weigh in at over 10% ABV, most British Barley wines of the 20th century fell to below 7% ABV.

It wasn’t until Anchor brewing released “Old Foghorn” in 1975 that Barley Wines in there true form began to make a comeback.

American versions will have a noticeably hoppy bitterness and citrusy notes.

Depending on aging, the finish might be dry or malty sweet.

The Great Wine Blight struck France around 1858, destroying most of the market and sending the price of wine through the roof.

These factors led advertisers to begin marketing the pale Strong Ale as “malt wine” and “malt liquor.” The style was a mainstay of British brewers until the Free Mash Tun Act of 1880 put higher tax pressure on barley wine producers.

The color may range from rich gold to very dark amber or even dark brown, but not black. Barley wine has an off-white head that may have poor retention. High alcohol and viscosity may be visible in “legs” when beer is swirled in a glass. There are strong, intense, complex, multi-layered malt flavors ranging from bready and biscuity to nutty, deep toasted dark caramel, toffee and/or molasses.Cask beer is at the heart of JW Lees and we brew six cask ales as well as three lagers, three smooth beers and eight limited edition seasonal cask ales which are available throughout at different times of the year.We also have the sole UK distribution rights for Bohemia Regent Premium Lager from the Czech Republic. We built this bar to store and deliver craft beer under its most ideal conditions. Barley Wines today can be broken into to main styles: American and English.We’ve gone to painstaking efforts to ensure that our beers are always served at the proper temperature, with the correct pressure and gas mix, in appropriate glassware and by folks who know what the hell they’re talking about. Our cooler has separate zones for lagers and ales and individually regulated pressure on each tap for perfect pours. The only difference between the two is that American Barley Wine has a higher hop profile and English Barley Wines are more defined by their malt flavors.

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