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From Ambient to Electro, Minimal and ending up with Club Techno, one finds all the different facets of Electronic Music.

With his first artist album, Frank didn't want to solely leave his usual trail.

Release Day of the Double-CD “ The Sound of the second Season will be the 19th of November 2001 on Cocoon Recordings.

cocoon is about spreading the electronic music word in all it's different phases and faces.

Henze, is responsible for the more rude and dynamic pieces like "Blechtrommel" or "Sky High".

The title of the album refers to a strange experience Frank had on his way to the 2001 Vision Festival in Switzerland: Frank was arrested by Swiss Border Police when he tried to enter the country and remained imprisoned from Saturday evening until Monday noon.

The reason for this was a speeding three years ago.

It is full of surprises and will definitely appeal to those who like more than one musical style.On the Night – CD you’ll find the best Club – Tracks, played by Sven at Amnesia to rock the crowd.The Day – CD includes chilly Beach – Sound, underlining a day at Ibiza the best possible way and makes it become a unforgettable Summer-Dream.Therefore "technology" and further "techno" should be understood as "a way of creation through knowledge".It shouldn't be perceived as "new" - it is more a mode of understanding and perception.

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