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’ This talk presents ten proven and very useful activities for helping learners increase their vocabulary knowledge.

Luis Adrián Silva Caballero, ) in the Biosphere Reserve Sierra del Abra Tanchipa, San Luis Potosi, Mexico.Using a rotating format for multiple short simultaneous presentations to small groups, this forum will showcase a variety of unique professional stories, followed by the insight of CUE Featured Speaker, Christine Pearson Casanave, who will act as a discussant.***Saturday - Room: 301 Abstract: It is always a problem getting students to talk informally in English: however interesting the topic we suggest, they often prefer to keep silent, or to express themselves their mother tongue.Objective: Estimate the energy requirements of jaguars that inhabit the Biosphere Reserve Sierra del Abra Tanchipa (BRSAT) based on their food preferences. Candidate, Laboratory of Bioacoustics and Behavior, Laboratory of Terrestrial Vertebrates (Mammalogy) and Scientific Collection Mammal Research, Interdisciplinary Center for Regional Integral Development Unit, Oaxaca, Mexico, IPN (CIIDIR-Oaxaca). José Roberto Sosa López, Thesis: Characterization of habitat use of two species of wild cats (margay and bobcat) in an area designated for voluntary conservation in Oaxaca, Mexico.Christina Colondres, MS Candidate, Wageningen University, Netherlands Advisor: Peter de Jong Thesis: How do cheetah social dynamics influence breeding efficacy; do females really prefer males from coalitions? Alex Erwin Ph D Student, Genetics GIDP, University of Arizona, Tentative Dissertation: Conservation genomics of mountain lions and black-tailed prairie dogs.

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