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TEAMWORK – At UCP, we create an environment where individuals come together in a spirit of teamwork, which allows us to attain remarkable results.TRUST – We build relationships with honesty and integrity while following through on our commitments.We work with families struggling with complex diagnoses as well as families who may just need a little extra help.Whether a child is a picky eater, late walker or having difficulty with handwriting, our experts help families move from frustration to inspiration.The theme of the center was created around the Enchanted Forest because the Enchanted Forest is timeless and it captures the essence of the environment we have, one of wonder, imagination, comfort and warmth.The facility was designed in a way to be family and kid friendly and it invites children to play so they often don’t realize how hard they are working.The national recognized agency was founded in 1949 by parents and friends of children with cerebral palsy.

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We respect all individuals and value their contributions.Through our array of programs and services, we are confident we can help your newborn baby, your child, your teen, even your adult family member who is ready for independence!UCP provides all who come to us with the best care because we believe in the dignity and value of each and every individual that we serve.We serve people with cerebral palsy, but we also have highly experienced and compassionate experts who have experience helping children and adults with a wide array of disabilities including autism, sensory processing disorder, genetic disorders, orthopedic disabilities, birth defects, effects of in-utero drug or alcohol exposure, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), developmental delays along with other diagnoses that affect the ability to live life without limitations.In our many programs, UCP serves children, teens and adults with diverse developmental delays with passionate commitment to help all people reach their potential regardless of their abilities.

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