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I currently take 60mg which is a whacking dose and the only side effect I have is it makes me feel more sleepy than usual.

I still manage to work and look after my daughter so it's not effecting my ability to function day to day.

The good thing about it making me sleepy is I sleep really well. I take it right before bed and that's me for the night.

I am very close now to being weaned off them and I'm a bit nervous because I've been doing so well on them Sent from my GT-I9100 using Netmums mobile app Hi Tootsy, thank you for posting here a few days ago and I would like to welcome you to Netmums and our Mental Health board. It is natural to feel nervous about taking medication for the first time but I can see that our lovely members have been able to reassure you about Mirtazapine; I wondered if you plucked up the courage to take your first dose the other night? It sounds like a tough time for you Tootsy, looking after a young baby can be challenging enough without the added feelings of anxiety and low mood.

I take my tablet about hour before bed as they relax me a little!!

Good luck hun-hope you find them helpfull xxx Hi there Mirtazapine is a brilliant medication for depression and anxiety as it targets both serotonin and noradrenaline.

I got Lina by my side as Marcus had to go to work during my D&C.

But this soon goes away, just be sure to take it at night.Since then, I've tried rock climbing, which I never ever thought in a million years I would do it as I am very afraid of heights! I also went hiking ( first time hiking ) and recently just signed up for a 5KM marathon ( Jas will be like WTF ). I was quite exhausted the next morning as I woke up at 7am. I left the house about am as my check in time was at 9 am.The first song I chose for the car ride was This I Believe by Hillsong Worship.

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