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From: David Thorne Date: Monday 17 August 2009 2.38pm To: Thomas Cc: Shannon Subject: Re: What the fuck?

Thomas, do you feel it is fair that Shannon should have to wash everyone's coffee cups?

From: Thomas Date: Monday 17 August 2009 2.56pm To: Shannon Subject: Kitchen stuff Shannon, I do not need a chart telling me when to wash dishes.

I am not going to stop in the middle of writing proposals to wash coffee cups. I only use one coffee cup and I always rinse it out after I use it.

From: David Thorne Date: Monday 17 August 2009 1.22pm To: Shannon Subject: Colour coded coffee cup cleaning chart Shannon, I notice that you have colour coded the coffee cup cleaning chart.

While I appreciate the creative effort that has gone into this roster, the light salmon colour you have chosen for my name is very effeminate.

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I am rather busy today so decided to have all of my coffee breaks at the one time this morning rather than taking twelve separate breaks throughout the day.While I am sure you have not done this on purpose and are not inferring anything, I would appreciate you rectifying this immediately.Would it be possible to swap colours with Thomas as he has quite a nice dusty blue.And unlike other so-called “free” sites this one actually is – you wont have to get out your credit card to join at all.In fact, you don’t even need to give a email address!

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