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Since I knew about the award ceremony two months back, I started visualizing in Alpha that he receives the prestigious award. Read more I have been facing a lot of challenges in my office. I was on the point of breaking down when i saw the affirmation ‘My reactions to situations are becoming more calm day by day’ from Guruji.Just reading that affirmation made me feel very calm. Read more I attended Sanjeevani class in September first week.Read more I attended Sanjeevani class at Bengaluru yesterday.

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This makes a person’s thinking very powerful, very intuitive and very creative .

Now i realise that all those problems have vanished. Whenever I sit for meditation my body used to start trembling. My husband suffered from kidney stone pain last week. Still, there was some kind of a search continuing in my mind. I received the initiation from Guruji and started practicing. Read more My husband was suffering from stomach pain for one week. But my daughter is married for 8 years and still she had not conceived. Read more I have completed upto level 2 of Alpha Mind Power.

Due to this shaking I could not attain complete focus. I have started seeing lots of positive changes in people around me both at work and in family. Thanks to Srimatha I used to take tablet for high blood pressure. Read more I was in the rehearsal for a dance program. And I had to admit him in emergency and take him to Coimbatore from Chennai all alone and he had his surgery there. I had the great bliss of getting a vision of the Devi everyday in meditation! Read more My husband started a textiles shop 3 years back. But the very next year the business went into difficulties. The count of 10000 coconuts per year has now gone up to more than 30000! Also I am getting One rupee more than other people! After a medical checkup doctors said there was a stone in his kidney and his pancreas and liver were also swollen. I attended Sri Vidya class and started chanting Bala Mantra and Sowbaghya Panchadasi Mantra given in the class by Guruji. I got the ‘Vidhya Siddhi’ CD for my son who was studying Plus 2. In the board exam he got 1177/1200 where the cutoff mark was 199.25.

I gave green colour to her uterus & kept chanting Navakshari mantra. Read more Yesterday’s Sanjeevini class was really excellent. Read more I had attended upto level 3 and was practicing. But somehow this goal of building a house was meeting a lot of hurdles. Read more I have completed upto level 2 and I am practicing Cell Glow meditation twice daily without fail. Then, I heard about the Alpha Energy Box and took it with the… I heard about Alpha meditation and attend upto 3 levels. We did the scan in various places and everywhere the result was the same.

While doing the meditation I completely released my ankle pain which I could not do in my daily healing. Somehow, I had to struggle to practice meditation everyday. Only after attending Psychic Energy class I could remove the negative energy and now my meditations are wonderful! Before I started with Alpha meditation, I used to have nightmares. Read more I have completed all levels in Alpha Mind Power. We have an apartment in Chennai which we have been trying to let out. Read more For the past 2 years I have been with breathing problems. I attended Alpha Mind Power level 1 and started practising.… Since I have now crossed the age of 45 I took it for granted that this happens with age. Somehow it never occurred to me that it could be healed. Read more I attended level 1 and started practicing. Read more I had completed upto level 3 and Psychic Energy.

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