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She was wearing the new skin-tight top Sam had found for her online; on it. Sam had deposited a coin buried by a tree that was the d make a fine boyfriend, husband even. His cock and balls looked strangely magnified by the fact there was no pubic hair around them. She shut her eyes and settled back into the armchair. He ran his tongue between the folds of her soaking slit, up and down. It was hard to see them all in their summer dresses and tight skirts and not feel horny. He was well over 6ft tall, muscular and dark, of mixed ethnicity. His track pants were round his ankles and his erection poked out of his thick clump of wiry black pubic hair.

It marked a route to her own neighbourhood in red pen that added up to a six and a half mile run. Chris lent forward and ran his tongue up her gaping slit. She gasped and he felt her body shudder, then relax, and her thighs parted even wider. Now that Sam had moved in with them, he was hooked. He loved his wife more than ever but he worshipped their Mistress like a goddess. The brutally defined muscles of his abdomen made it look like a bar of milk chocolate.

follows the descent of Chris and Laura, a good looking young couple, who fall under the spell of Samantha, their personal trainer. Her sweating body gleamed in the sunlight streaming through the front window. She was exposed should any visitor happen to walk close and look through the window.

Although the fate of each character is sealed, suggestions and requests by readers to [email protected] can be incorporated into the later parts of the story. She was facing her husband It had all begun two months earlier, when Chris and Laura had answered her ad.

She teased, barely touching his throbbing vein.s manual skills were improving all the time.

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He proved the truth that not all male submissives are poorly endowed wimps. His pleated trousers hid the steel cock-cage from view.If he were some Russian oligarch or New York hedge funder, Sam would spend his money and keep him happy, wouldn Over the next two weeks, Chris was sucked into a vortex of subspace.His full balls screamed with frustration but he felt more and more hooked on his love for Laura and his lust for Sam.He thrust his hips forward, pushing his erection into the back of her throat, making her gag. It went on for what seemed like several minutes; in and out, thrust and pull. She felt hot fluid hitting her; on her nose, cheeks, forehead. The room contained just a small desk, a wooden chair and a pull-out sofa bed.Occasionally Laura felt the stinging cut of the ruler whenever she tried to draw away. Laura had obviously been petrified that Sam would mention their afternoon with Tim. A spider waits until its victim is well and truly enmeshed in the web.

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