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I'll Instagram them looking resplendent under the Nashville filter and tag her, send her photos of me wearing them so she didn't think I was lying, and yet I still felt a pang of guilt that I didn't deserve such kindness.

Eventually I hit my codependent bottom when some family members got sick and I martyred myself to the point of getting pneumonia and NOT NOTICING I HAD IT because I was too preoccupied with other people's problems. I had heard about Al-Anon because I have a lot of addiction in my family and had gone a couple of times to try to manipulate other people into going.

What if you think it's boring, or, God forbid, not as good as the other letters on Lenny? I thought it meant you were in a bad relationship with someone else, when it really means you're in a bad relationship with yourself.

After a breakup, my take was always "I loved him too much."But it was very hard to convince me that I wasn't just, like, an amazing person. Essentially, if I drive you to the airport because you can't afford a taxi and I expect nothing in return, that's benevolent.After being in recovery for codependence, I still get to be nice, but my motives have had to change.Today, my struggle is to do only 50 percent in my relationships.Right now, the only person's approval I need is that of Lenny's editor, which means I have to end this.In closing, the bad news about all this is that if we ever meet, I won't sleep with you out of guilt.

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