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They did answer and said I would need to return items to their warehouse in Asia.I would incur the cost of shipping items back and would not receive a refund until the items were received but that would be a problem because most of the packages returned were lost in transit.Contacted customer service online (no phone number) and they responded by asking if I could keep purchase and they would refund 15%.

I’ve also been charged by Zimaotong Beijing £63.32 plus £1.74 exchange fee!Luckily I was able to cancel but no luck getting previous payments reimbursed.I received an sms in October 2017 on my mobile informing me that an amount in dollars had been charged against my account by INFODESKBGLOW.Never ordered any goods or ever visited any website connected with this. The company showed up on my credit card as FHT*TERRYKON CO SHENZHEN CH.Having read all the comments on this page I get the impression that the credit card companies are fully aware of the scam but when I spoke to them they gave me the impression that this was news to them. They need to close up this loophole/flaw in their system and stop this happening. I found out the company is out of the Peoples Republic of China.

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