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(Let alone experiencing them.) And this is taking place in the post feministic world, ladies. I shall tell you how this happened: you took back many or your rights and this was great.Nevertheless, to divide and conquer it was necessary to mix it with good portion of hostility towards men and towards masculinity in general. But in fact, there are very few men around to show you what you can do and teach you about your own body. Becoming a masterful lover starts from knowing exactly HOW to satisfy a woman.Intense pleasurable feeling starts within clitoris and sends waves of pleasure throughout the body.Clitoris is the MOST SENSITIVE and one of the most NERVE RICH areas of female body.This kind of orgasm takes longer time to achieve and rhythmic thrusting is often the best way to it.A good lover will communicate with a woman and find out the best position for her to reach this kind of orgasm.There are different ways of stimulating the G spot.Rhythmic pushing or circular friction movements are the best for achieving this kind of orgasm.

They feel it as a pressure that slowly grows and explodes deep inside of a woman’s vagina. I remember my girlfriends having this orgasm for the first time. If you want to know more, read this article about the G spot. During sexual arousal, the tissue surrounding the urethra becomes engorged with blood and the Paraurethral/Skenes glands produce and fill with prostatic fluid.

Ripping men off their masculinity has been a great success of modern society. This includes precise knowledge of how to give her an orgasm.

Its good for economy but women are missing quite a lot. Do you want to keep your partner(s) around for a long time? And do not trust anybody who tells you that you cannot experience them. And this requires to go a bit deeper and to find out what types of orgasms are there. First – I will tell you about different kinds of female orgasm.

How much does vast majority of women and men know about female orgasms? And I had hundreds of women answering me this question.

Later I was teaching those women things about their bodies they never knew. Note: I don’t even talk about asking men this question.

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