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just refers you to something else Hi Clarice, I am sorry to hear that you have had some trouble learning Revel.Our platform is pretty robust and can definitely take some time to learn since there are over 500 settings to allow you to customize your point of sale.- difficult to find how to do certain functions in the management consol (not intuitive - for example searching for a subject through what seems like appropriate keys words will not allows bring up the items) - product costs not linked to inventory costs The devil is in the details.The presentation of the product and the sales rep was convincingly presented. We never got our system to work and after hours on the phone.

Most of this is a non-issue because support will walk you through any questions or issues and offer succinct explanations that make many of the settings "set and forget." I'd stay away from this system and this company.

Labor intensive, requires many many steps to accomplish one thing.

Has left our accounting in shambles Unforgivable i.e If you make a mistake in entering purchase order, you can't fix it .

Revel’s powerful system has a great front end, but it’s he back end management tools that make it shine.

The powerful reporting is unlike anything else we’ve used.

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