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Around 70% of the program has been delivered, supporting some of the Government’s main priorities, including macroeconomic and fiscal sustainability and competitiveness, as well as governance and accountability in the public services, energy, and water sectors.

A Progress and Learning Review is being prepared that will reflect any potential change in the priorities of the new Government.

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With a shared vision to ensure macroeconomic stability, implement bold reforms, and enhance economic integration, the Western Balkans could accelerate growth and improve living standards.

It also looks at Australia's economic, scientific and cultural achievements and its foreign, trade and defence policies.

This is the 51st edition of Australia in Brief, revised and updated in August 2016.

The Canning Stock Route runs through hundreds of kilometres of rugged sandhill country.

The long, reverberating lines in this painting represent the high red sandhills, or jilji, which are found throughout much of the Great Sandy Desert and Japingka, which is the artist's country.

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