Crossing jordan garret and jordan dating

This was revealed to Jordan when she located a small strip of film, which Nigel Townsend managed to clean up and enhance.They saw Jordan's mother holding a small child, but the film was dated six years before Jordan's birth.

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Season 2, Episode 15February 24, 2003While Jordan and Bug try to solve the killing of an unidentified man, Macy works on a detective's murder.

Season 2, Episode 4October 12, 2002Jordan tries to clear Woody (Jerry O' Connell) of possible implication in a socialite's death; Lily attempts to find out the identity of a boy (Soren Fulton) who's looking for a corpse.

Season 2, Episode 6November 11, 2002Jordan and the morgue staff work at a six-story office building, where an explosion occurred, while Woody (Jerry O' Connell) and FBI agents try to find the person responsible.

Season 2, Episode 2September 30, 2002After a deceased woman is identified as the wife of a man (Shashawnee Hall) watched by Federal agents, a hostage situation develops and Jordan races to prevent a bombing.

Season 2, Episode 3October 7, 2002While Jordan investigates a death that seemingly was caused by a heart attack, Macy tries to recall an autopsy he performed three years earlier.

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