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, The Surprising Stress Reduction Effects of the Beach, More on Cardiovascular Circadian Rhythms. Stewart Wolf and the Saga of Roseto, Social Support, Biopsychosocial Stress and Health , More on Heart Attacks, Urbanization and Job Stress , Predicting and Preventing Cardiovascular Disease, Deaths Due to Stress and Cancer, Type A’s, Social Support, and Coronary Heart Disease, Social Support and Hypertension, Social Relationships and Health, Stress and Gastrointestinal Ml oti1ity, Happy Wives Have Fewer Colds, Career-Family Stress in Men , Mental Arithmetic, Stress-Physical or Psychological, Coronary Heart Disease Less Severe in Those with Strong Social Ties, The Health Benefits of Altruism, Depression and Cancer in Middle-Aged Men, Expression of Anger and Cardiovascular Disease February 1989 Electroquackery, Is the Laying On of Hands Electromagnetic Healing?, Does the Body Have An Electrical Circulatory System, Electrotherapy for Depression Anxiety, Insomnia and Addiction, The Future of Electromedicine, Stress Reducing Effects Of Crying, The Benefits of Job Stress Management Activities, Stress, Panic Order, And Depression, Sex, Social Isolation and Cardiovascular Mortality, More on Suppression of Anger and Hypertension, Social Support and the Immune System, Herpes and Hassles, Stress, Depression and Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Expressions of Emotions-Nature or Nurture, Stress Free Silence Prevents Blood Pressure Rise with Age March 1989 Depression, Cancer, and Dopamine, Computer Therapy to Reduce Stress?Sneak Peek (Click the covers to open) These newsletters were written and edited under the strict guidelines to protect their scientific integrity.If you have a special interest in a niche area of stress management please contact us for further information or directions to the correct resource., Golf Stress is Killing The Japanese, Scents, Stress and A Mother’s Milk November 1993 Kriegbasedow and Stress, A Biopsychosocial View, Depression Over Heart Attack Could Be Fatal, Monitoring “White Coat” Hypertension, Music Therapy For Heart Attacks, Stress Reduction Effects of Tpouching, The Music of Type A Behavior, Marital Spats and Your Immune System.Avoiding The Stress of Marital Strife, Expressing Emotions and Femail Heart Attacks, Stress and Depression Rampant in US ISSUE #1, 1994 – DOES INCREASED “TENSION” CAUSE HYPERTENSION?, Aging and Free Radicals, Aging and Melatonin, Exploding Head Syndrome and Stress September 1993 A Neuroendocrine Disorder, Subtle Energies and Neurotransmitters, Stress and Diabetes, Insulin Resistance, Treating Diabetes With Yoga, More Frogs are Croaking Due to Stress, Sudden Death and Life Changing Events October 1993 Mind Over Cancer, Treating Type A Time Urgency, Can You “Catch” A Heart Attack?, Helping Stressed out Pigs and Smokers, Stress and Impotence: Use It or Lose it, Do Dogs Have ESP?

, Decibeldome Stress, More on Computerized Psychotherapy, Finding a Different Name For Stress Management, Cardiac Arrhythmias Due to Psychological Stress, Blue Collar Hypertension, Measuring Type A Behavior in Children, Noise Stress Raising Blood Pressure, More Compensation for Stress-Related Problems, Stress Ulcers and Pneumonia In lntensive Care Units.

, Best Stress Buffer for Senior Citizens Is Good Health, Stress and Post Coronary Arthymia and Death, It’s Stress, Not Hormones That Cause Menopausal Problems, Job Related Mental Stress without Physical Injury Is Compensable April 1989 Depression and Complications of Coronary Heart Disease, Stress and Dentists, Does the Stress of Day Care Centers Contribute to lllness?

, Kangaroo Stress, Cancer Survival Time Improved with Stress Reduction and Social Support, Does Hospital Staff Stress Threaten Patient Care?

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