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At the Washington University School of Medicine, where some of the most groundbreaking cancer research has been done, a team led by William Harbour, M.D., has discovered a way to identify gene patterns in eye melanomas.Symptoms may include: A persistent cough, breathing problems or chest pain, a hoarse voice, coughing up blood, fatigue, unexplained weight loss, and loss of appetite.How it progresses: Lung cancer usually spreads to the other lung and to the lymph nodes in the chest. Screening tests: There isn’t a reliable method of screening for lung cancer.The goal is to develop a way to treat class-2 patients pre-emptively and to find other cancers where testing can also be done.“We’re hoping to make cancer a chronic disease rather than one you die of,” says Harbour.Using a test measuring the activity of 15 genes, a physician can determine whether the cancer will stay in the eye (class 1) or spread to the liver (class 2).The test, which is now used in most North American ocular oncology centers, allows doctors to be more proactive with class-2 patients.

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Both tests work with the traditional PSA blood test to improve the accuracy of prostate screening and help prevent unnecessary biopsies. : Despite some recent studies questioning the efficacy of PSA screening, the numbers seem to show that screening is highly effective.The good news is that the expected deaths are relatively low, at 26,730.Risk factors: The more first-degree relatives (parents, siblings, and children) you have who’ve had prostate cancer, the higher your risk.“The future may offer therapies that allow people to lead a healthy life through treatment.” When men think of cancer, we usually focus on the big three—prostate, lung, and bowel cancer—which account for more than 50% of cancer in men.Here’s the lowdown on who’s most at risk, what screening tests are available, and who should get them.

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