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Pisces woman seem to have this quietness to them ad gentle beauty that allures people towards their magical vibes.Some Pisces woman , give off sexual vibes, which is weird because although Pisces woman feel emotion deeply, it seems like other signs are always sending desire signals and building sexual tension with Pisces.The key to loving a Pisces woman is to accept that they have an enigmatic side where you should not try to pry into by questioning - Just use your feelings to know her and accept that you will never get permission to get right inside her head (no one will). We are good at argueing because we believe so intensly and we solve problems easily because we look at both sides 8 if not 9 times out of 10. we are not afraid of our emotions like most people are. :) I'm a Pisces woman and it's only now I've fully embraced my "astrological" self.thats why we are supposed to be the most emotional. I'm now in a relationship with a taurus man and it has been my most wonderful experience.It is almost impossible for you to understand our sencitive side. Just as the ocean is still a mystery so shall the Pisces woman be.Pisceans cannot be controlled or follow a code or go by a book. Looking at the bigger picture i think we really need eachothr but on the other hand we strictly oppose eachothers way of life and perspectives. I always tell my boyfriend "Don't try to figure me out." You will drive yourselves crazy and get us mad.

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Again,in both cases, the sex was deeply emotional with absolutely soul-searing orgasms! Pisces can be hard to understand but sometimes that can mean that you are not using your brain good enough. we have great imaginations and we hate violence and aggression.Pisces will take the foreplay and flirtation as an initiation, and will start to dream up her own world.When reality falls apart, due to restrictions or circumstance, Pisces feels her partners hurtful emotions, plus hers double. Beautiful, mysterious, but difficult to really understand. I am a Sagittarius male and have (in my past) been smitten with a few Pisces women.They send out many different signals on 100 wavelengths. It's the mystery and the uber-femininity; combined with that magnetic EVERY time; and you'll discover that charm of theirs works on EVERY man in the room as well; hope you're not the jealous type!

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