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Kingfishers, heron, dragonflies, water voles and brook trout can be seen in or around the Plants Brook, while in the skies buzzards soar majestically in the air currents.

Whatever the season, New Hall Valley Country Park will appeal to the casual walker, the keen cyclist or for a family day out.

On Wednesday, protesters created a human bike lane along Spruce Street.

There is no doubt that a significant proportion (although still a minority) of cyclists ride irresponsibly, but to put this in context their behaviour is far less dangerous to the population as a whole than the 80mph-plus tailgating antics of...

A cyclist has been seriously injured after he was involved in a crash when a white Mercedes A180 was reported to have overtaken a lorry.

Police are appealing for witnesses to the collision on the A2070 at Kingsnorth near Ashford, at around 7.40pm on Wednesday.

Darryl Carroll, Philadelphia Streets Department line striper crew chief, left, repaints a bicycle lane line on Spruce Street as fellow worker Jose Gonzalez follows his progress on Saturday, Dec. The restriping, which was previously scheduled, took place days after a bicyclist was killed in a crash at Spruce and 11th streets.

The repainting of the lane, from Second to 24th Streets, was something activists had long demanded, along with the repainting of other bike lanes throughout Philadelphia. Fredricks, 24, who was killed four days earlier at 11th and Spruce Streets while cycling in the bike lane, is impossible to know.

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