Dating a libra man as a cancer woman

After I apologized he came all the way to Connecticut from Pennsylvania to finally meet me face to face.

We both love each other dearly n even though we have our ups n downs n drama feel moments I still feel like one day we will not just be in same book but on same page.. He kept in touch with me pretty regularly for two months straight.

Now outside bedroom is a very different story his mood swings n back forth keeps me frustrated n annoyed my jealous n possessiveness make him close down retreat into his shell...

I totally obsessed with our love, right now we are not at our best he is in relationships with another one of kids mother yet he keeps me around I haven't been with anyone besides him in over a yr...

He came over to my place and met my kids, they liked him.

BUT he continued to be secretive , so once I found out his last name, I started my investigation.. I snapshot his Facebook page admitting he had the kids and I texted him and asked him "nicely" why did you not tell me about the kids? Then I told him that I know for a fact that it's true; but I did not tell him where I found out, keeping the snapshot in my phone.

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