Dating a shy insecure man

Grace had unwittingly let herself become hopelessly entangled in Adam's insecurity and the distorted perceptions it created.It wasn't as if she'd set out to bring out the worst in this insecure man.Done well, it can provide conflict, as well as maybe Character Development.Done badly, it can come across as Wangst, especially if the character has no reason to feel like this, or worse, is seen as disingenuously fishing for compliments. Also compare I Can't Believe a Guy Like You Would Notice Me.At first, Adam's criticism was fairly mild (though still annoying).As time went on, however, Adam became very sarcastic, saying things like, "Don't you think you've outgrown halter tops?As a result, he was very critical of others, quick to find fault and point out their flaws.Grace found this especially annoying when Adam criticized her family or friends or questioned their motives, when she knew very well that these people loved and cared about her.

But as with jealousy, once insecurity rears its head, the worst thing a person can do is to feed it. The Insecure Man Here are some of the key signs of insecurity. Grace saw them but initially she chose to minimize how important they were, and what they could mean for her relationship with Adam.

And unlike her previous two boyfriends, Adam at least had a steady job and was faithful to her.

So when the lease on the condo that she was renting was up, Grace put her furniture in storage and moved in with Adam. It started with Adam finding fault with Grace: from the way she cooked and dressed to the way she spoke and the opinions she expressed.

In one way that it true: he is interested in the love you have to offer.

But beware—the insecure man can also be a bottomless pit that might just drain you of every drop of love you possess.

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