Dating advice from men male secrets

Better yet: Ask yourself that person drives you insane.

If you always tell her you're not the man she deserves, guess what? Unless you really think you're not compatible, step up and be that guy.

"If you can grin and bear it (especially if she's superclose with the person), that's your best move," Gandhi says.

If you're constantly fighting an imminent meltdown and he/she really pushes , then remove yourself.

"Sure, things can feel vulnerable and scary to admit, but if past events compel you to say something untrue about an important matter to your significant other, that's a signal you need to work through those things until they're not worth lying about," Jones adds.

"No matter if a couple’s been dating one month, six months, or six years, a trust needs to develop where sharing intimate details—even embarrassing ones—can be done without fear of the consequences," Jones says.

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