Dating bootcamp

Julie will teach you from over 15 years of experience how to attract your dream date and bring love in your life. If you’ve suddenly found yourself single after the loss of a spouse or divorce, this plan will help you learn how to date again and find love. Maybe I’ll be a little more aware of wedding rings in the future too.The Cyber-Dating Experts Online Dating Boot Camp is a private 30-day intensive program guaranteed to ramp up your love life.It’s not every day you get feedback after a date and I was worried as I lined up to go on pretend dates with Kelvin and Rafael.Kelvin gave me an A for body language, conversation and all-round dateability so I was feeling confident when it was time for Rafael.We all seemed to come out of the experience unscathed, some with a few phone numbers and dates.

I was still to meet my ideal match so when I heard about the bootcamp I signed up hoping it would help me understand what men are looking for and give me all I needed to meet The One.

If the man didn’t laugh he wasn’t the type of guy you wanted to date anyway.

A s we set out for a local bar we were accompanied by Kelvin and Rafael, two trainers who ordered us about like soldiers, making sure we approached men and started up conversations. I used the chat-up lines, tried to be warm and friendly and sometimes merely fluttered my eyelashes to get men talking to me.

” to asking the man which superhero he’d like to be and using that to start a conversation.

We were told the point of most lines was to make men laugh and break the ice.

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