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For background, see the History of Computing at Columbia University website.(There is also one box for the student uprising of 1968.) CUA means the box is in the Columbia University Archive; CHM means the box or item was sent to the Computer History Museum August 2011.Black, Edwin, IBM and the Holocaust, Crown Publishers (2001). Not Watson Lab exactly, but touching on many related themes within the timeframe.Includes some private correspondence with the author.

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I believe that the items listed here have historical significance or other value and deserve to be kept available, ideally findable by library catalog search and available both on and off campus (e.g. Some items are extremely rare, some are very expensive, many are just old, but all have played a part in the history of Columbia University and to varying extents in the history of computing in general.

Several significant and groundbreaking computers were built at Watson Lab.

Watson Lab scientists were on the Columbia faculty and taught the world's first computer science courses.

Eckert is a forgotten pioneer of computing who deserves wider recognition at Columbia and in the world.

Also see the Eckert career overview here along with an extensive bibliography.

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